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pada Oktober 25, 2011

Introduce bro, my name Ignatius Ardy Pangestu my school in Junior High School 1 Kasihan, Ngayogyakarta
my daily activities, is, what ya:
1. which obviously play with friends
2. playing games
3. school, maybe. hahahahaha
4. scrimmage (GAMA).
5. SLEEP, EAT, DRINK, SHOWER, brush teeth, get dressed.
activities in my school is:
1. usual, the lessons of the most boring, and annoying, (kidding)
2. extracurricular school
3. ate in the cafeteria, obviously, sorry in terms of eating can not be delayed
4. sleep, I might as teacher
5. scout, deputy board builder,
but the most important thing is to learn, ok big brother, but unfortunately the house is not as attractive to those at school, at home the only problem that can not get out, really busy and all, but how else do ya want my parents devoted the same , hahahahaaha, yes sorry once again I even vent hahahahahahaha. gini yes my friend, my dear, and the father of the president, my most stories, hehehehe, good read.


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